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Fire Ball model rocket for flying at night

Leading Edge Rocketry

Leading Edge Rocketry is the Pacific Northwest's premier manufacturer of model rocket kits, micro rocket kits, rocket electronics and launch pad/controllers. Known for their specialty Night Flight kits, Leading Edge creates excitement among modelers by bringing today's technology and manufacturing process to the forefront while getting back to the basics of emphasizing more on design and skill building and less on mass production.

Brilliantly Illuminated Night Flight Products
Model# LE-51
Mid Power
$ 89.95
plus S&H

Out Of Stock
Night Skeeter
Model# LE-11
Skill Level 5
$ 49.95
plus S&H

Out Of Stock
Sub Zero
Model# LE-23
Mid Power
$ 94.95
plus S&H

Out Of Stock
Model# LE-22
Mid Power
$ 89.95
plus S&H

Out Of Stock

...The LATEST From Leading Edge... The LATEST From Leading Edge... The LATEST From Leading Edge...

ParaLite - Nighttime Rocketry Tracking

"The flights with the ParaLites last night were amazing!...I consider them indispensable." - Gary Goncher, President - Oregon Rocketry

"WOW! I used the Red Paralite with and reddish chute and it lit it up like a Christmas tree! Paralite will change night flights of rockets from here on out! Thanks Leading Edge!" - Jimmie Atwood, Oregon Rocketry member/NAR level 1

NEW LOCAL CLUB - Eugene Rocketry (EuRoc)!
Calling Oregon's Williamette Valley Rocket Enthusiasts

Local clubs are a great way to meet new friends who are fellow rocket enthusiasts and EuRoc is no exception! Started by four Williamette Valley model rocket fanatics, EuRoc is dedicated to:

Assisting area rocket flyers
Promoting safety and the sport
Educating modelers and the public
Having fun with flying rockets

For more information please visit http://www.eugenerocketry.org

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